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Ours is a startup company founded with a focus on developing biologic devices for clinical applications. The company is currently in the process of developing advanced wound care products that primarily utilize naturally derived materials. The products under development are bacterial cellulose-based moist wound care devices, which utilize wasted mature coconut water from the coconut processing industry to manufacture cellulose, which acts as a substrate for the device. Coconut-derived compounds, which have been proven to have anti-microbial activity, are being incorporated into the substrate for quicker healing of chronic and persistent wounds arising due to various medical conditions.

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Moisturizer and Hand Sanitizer

1000/  pc

A vast part of infection preventions starts from hand hygiene Our Cocoshield non-alcoholic hand sanitizer & moisturizer is the perfect solution for long lasting protection against all infection causing pathogens. The patented technology is 100% aqua based with the potent protection of coconut-derived monolaurin which is known to have wide spectrum antimicrobial properties. Our product has been tested for efficacy against several infection causing bacteria, fungi and even SARS COVID virus. Besides the long lasting protection, it keeps your skin moisturized and smooth with a distinct natural aroma.

The product is dermatologically tested as per BIS 4011:2018 standards and proven suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, normal and combination). Cocoshield non-alcoholic hand sanitizer & moisturizer has been extensively validated through scientific studies to establish its efficacy against several infection causing pathogens. Prolonged skin contact studies has been done to prove that the product is non-toxic, non-irritant and does not cause adverse reactions to sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals such as paraben, sulphates or formaldehydes are present in the product. The product is kids friendly.

Cocoshield Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers
Provides long lasting effect upto 24 hrs Effective for only few minutes
Protection from coconut derived monolaurin Protection by chemical activity
Moistens the skin Dries out the skin
Non-flammable Flammable
Non-irritant even if frequently used Frequent use may cause irritation and inflammation
Suitable for babies and children Not recommended for babies
Suitable for all skin types Not recommended for all skin conditions