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Ours is a startup company founded with a focus on developing biologic devices for clinical applications. The company is currently in the process of developing advanced wound care products that primarily utilize naturally derived materials. The products under development are bacterial cellulose-based moist wound care devices, which utilize wasted mature coconut water from the coconut processing industry to manufacture cellulose, which acts as a substrate for the device. Coconut-derived compounds, which have been proven to have anti-microbial activity, are being incorporated into the substrate for quicker healing of chronic and persistent wounds arising due to various medical conditions.

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Moisture Patch

1200/  pc

Cocoheal is a cococellulose moisture patch impregnated with monolaurin, a natural antimicrobial agent derived from coconut. It has a moisture balance cability that secretes water while absorbing wound exudate to dry and moderate exudative wound. Cocoheal is indicated for use on dry infected and non-infected wounds.

• Provides a cooling effect and comforts painful wound areasupon application. Its unique non-adherent surface won’t compromise granulating tissue when removed.
• Protects wound from the outside environment while maintaining gaseous exchange of wound bed because of moisture.
• Reduces risk of infection from outside environment.
• Provides excellent moisture and absorption capabilities for dry and moderately exudating wound. It greatly minimizes the risk of over drying the wound.
• It secretes water to the wound immediately upon application. This will constantly hydrate the wound bed as needed, with no maceration at the wound’s margin.
• Minimizes bacterial burden by promoting autolytic debridement with the right balance of moisture, providing a moist environment for easy removal of necrotic tissue through the entire healing process.


Cocoheal is a moisture patch indicated for minor burn, dry to moderately exudating wounds such as cuts, pressure, ulcers (partial and full-thickness) traumatic injuries, abrasions and other skin breaks.

Contraindicated for use on individuals with an allergy to coconut, on third-degree burns or to control heavy bleeding.