Coco Heal

Cocoheal is a synergetic combination of naturally derive bio-cellulose moisture patch
impregnated with monolaurin, a natural antimicrobial agent derived from coconut. It has a moisture balance ability that secretes water while absorbing wound exudate to dry and moderate exudative wound. Cocoheal is indicated for use on dry infected and non-infected wounds.


  • Provides a cooling effect and comforts painful wound areas upon application. Its unique non-adherent surface won’t compromise granulating tissue when removed.
  • Protects wound from the outside environment while maintaining gaseous exchange of wound bed because of moisture.
  • Reduces risk of infection from outside environment.
  • Provides excellent moisture and absorption capabilities for dry and moderately exudating wound. It greatly minimizes the risk of over drying the wound.
  • It secretes water to the wound immediately upon application. This will constantly hydrate the wound bed as needed, with no maceration at the wound’s margin.
  • Minimizes bacterial burden by promoting autolytic debridement with the right balance of moisture, providing a moist environment for easy removal of necrotic tissue through the entire healing process.